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Full bridge silicon strain gage on Invar shim

$ 249.00

Finally, an easy solution to silicon semiconductor strain gage applications- No special equipment required. This gage bridge has a whopping gage factor of 150 for extreme sensitivity. A full bridge silicon semiconductor strain gage conveniently on an Invar backing. This is a fully prepared and matched semiconductor strain gage set mounted to an Invar shim for bonding or welding onto a structure. The Invar shim does not contribute to thermal expansion in the structure. You may bond or weld this gage onto a structure with ease.

The gage circuit is completed with gold leads that terminate on solder pads for simple break-out and attachment to wiring. The photograph shows the arrangement of the gages; These are bar type gages and they are arranged in a square pattern (traditional full bridge). This can be oriented to measure tension, compression, and shear depending on the application.

- 500 ohms

- 150 gage factor

- 0.5" x 0.75" (12.7mm x 19.05mm)

We recommend attaching this shim to your project with M-Bond 600 series adhesive, spot welding to a structure, or using cyanoacrylate gage adhesives.